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Named to Forbes’ “30 Under 30” list, Alex Banayan is the author of a highly anticipated business book being released by Crown/Random House. The book chronicles his five-year quest to track down Bill Gates, Lady Gaga, Warren Buffett, Steven Spielberg, Mark Zuckerberg, Maya Angelou and a dozen more of the world’s most successful people to uncover the secrets of how they launched their careers. Banayan is the youngest business author ever signed to Crown/Random House in its eighty-year history.

At age nineteen, Banayan became an associate at Alsop Louie Partners, a high-tech venture capital firm based in San Francisco. Fortune Magazine reported that Banayan was the world’s youngest venture capitalist. Business Insider named him one of the “Most Powerful People In Finance." 

As a keynote speaker, Banayan has presented to corporate leadership teams and conferences around the world, garnering standing ovations from Apple, Nike, IBM, Dell, MTV, Harvard, and countless others. Microsoft declared that Banayan “cracked the code for success.”

Banayan has contributed to FastCompany, The Washington Post, The Huffington Post, VentureBeat, Entrepreneur, and TechCrunch. He has been featured in major media including Businessweek, Forbes, Fortune, Mashable, Bloomberg TV, Fox News, and CBS News.


Alex Banayan book
  • How did Bill Gates sell his first piece of software out of his dorm room? 
  • How did Warren Buffett get his first meetings when no one knew his name? 
  • How did Lady Gaga, when she was waitressing in New York City, get a record deal without a single hit under her belt? 
  • And how did Steven Spielberg—when he was rejected from film school, going to Cal State Long Beach, and ditching class everyday—become the youngest major-studio director in Hollywood history? 

At the age of eighteen, Alex Banayan set off on a quest to uncover the answers.

He journeyed from his dorm room to the secret office of Bill Gates, from the dressing room of Lady Gaga to a private party with Steven Spielberg. After interviewing Maya Angelou, Jane Goodall, Pitbull, Steve Wozniak, Larry King, Quincy Jones, and many more, Alex finally discovered the one key all these leaders have in common.

They all took the Third Door.

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From Apple to Dell to IBM, Nike, Harvard, the Rockefeller Foundation, StartupWeekeend, and more, Alex Banayan has garnered standing ovations at corporations and conferences around the world. To book Alex to speak at your organization or event, please email: speaking@alexbanayan.com


“As the host and keynote speaker of our annual IBM Amplify conference, Alex Banayan’s passion was exactly what we needed to energize our corporation at such a pivotal time in our transformation.” 



“When Banayan spoke at my department’s off-site, his energy was contagious, his stories were inspiring, and his ideas pushed my team’s leadership. If you’re looking for someone with insight and passion, then Alex Banayan is your man.”



“Alex Banayan is an unbelievable storyteller. He is thoughtful, engaging, and dynamic. Banayan represents the voice of entrepreneurship, the power of hustle, and the energy of unlimited potential.”



"Alex Banayan's keynote and Q&A was one of the best our organization has ever had. It had people buzzing for months. Alex is a speaker with inspiring passion, unbelievable stories, and immensely practical lessons."



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